DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS is open for cooperation with all fish farming companies in all geographical areas. Clients are our main focus and through good cooperation we hope to find the best suited solutions, in each individual case.

We have vessels to offer within most of the Aquaculture Segments.

Live Fish Carriers

  • Variations of well volumes and set-ups for fish handling equipment
  • Solutions for parasite treatment

Harvest Vessels

Special vessels where the fish goes through a stun and bleed system, then transported in a chilled environment – to the processing plant. Strict standards regarding hygiene is a foundation for ensuring a quality end product: Automated washing systems and integrated CIP wash of piping and storage tanks.

Larger Service Vessels

Together with a ship designer and Marine Harvest, we have developed larger service vessels purposely built for high utilization and solving important tasks.

  • Towing, mooring work, net handling and more
  • Deceased fish handling
  • Smart integration of lice treatment system
  • Accommodation capacities for eight people
  • ROV quick connection

Feed Carriers

Our  feed carrier with combined bulk and big bag capacities,  can be tuned to meet the client’s requirements – regarding the ratio between bulk/big bag, number and sizes of bulk silos.

Special purpose Vessels

We also have special purpose vessels in our pipeline. An example of this, is the Landing Utility Crafts, suited for operations in Scotland.

If you are interested to discuss business opportunities, please contact Commercial Director, Kjetil Løseth.